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“Dr. Ajesh is a very good doctor. He has taken enough time to explain the procedure. He was always responsive whenever we had any doubt. His diagnosis was very good and handling of the patients is commendable. I strongly recommend him for any person who needs an oncologist review and treatment.”

Anuradha Rao
Cancer Treatment

“Dr. Ajesh Raj Saksena is an amazing and exceptional oncological Surgeon! He had diagnosed my mother's bilateral breast cancer accurately and skillfully operated on her to remove the tumors. Thank you for being very genial and very patient with me and mummy during the entire diagnoses and the surgery. Also can’t thank you enough for giving mummy so much strength and Positivity 🙏🏼 Your expertise and care throughout the process were highly commendable. We have always seen you walk the extra mile with us in making the right decisions. Mummy is very glad and blessed to have you as her Doctor. Thank you for everything Ajesh Bhaiya 🙏🏼 I highly recommend Dr. Ajesh Raj Saksena for anyone who’s seeking for genuine and a top-notch cancer treatment. .”

Gaurav Kaura
Breast cancer Treatment

“ I want to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Ajesh Raj Saksena for the exceptional surgical care. I had approached Dr. Ajesh for the treatment of colon cancer for my mother, and he guided us through every step of the laparoscopic colectomy surgery with keyhole incisions, which is Dr. Ajesh’s expertise. Dr. Ajesh's professionalism, excellence, and compassion were truly remarkable. His skill and dedication were evident, and I couldn't have asked for better care for my mother. The post-operative follow-up and attention to my mother's recovery were equally impressive. Thank you, Dr. Ajesh, for making a challenging experience as comfortable and positive as possible. We are incredibly thankful for the outstanding care we received.”

Shoaib Lalani
Colon Cancer

“ Dr. Ajesh Saksena has operated on my father, who is 77 years old, for adenocarcinoma of the rectum. We had approached him to discuss the options for surgery after my dad had undergone chemoradiation. Based on clinical examination and diagnostic tests, he determined that my father must go through the surgery. Dr. Ajesh not only explained technical reasons and the need for the surgery, but also helped us to think through the situation and arrive at a decision. He mentally prepared us for the potential outcomes of the surgery and assured us of providing the best possible care. This was particularly important in my father’s case, as these were life-changing outcomes to be dealt with lifelong. After the surgery, he followed up with my father’s care as he would have done for his own family members.”

Sai Krishna Avula
Diagnostic Tests

“We Consulted Dr Ajesh Raj Saksena ji for my wife oncaligical issue. He treated us like a family member and advised us all about the issue and advised surgery and according to his advise we followed and he performed the surgery successfully and with full gratitude of his service we went Home. He is available in phone always and instantly reply to our doubts and clarifications after the post Surgery. Really he is a great Doctor with Human touch and like a family member we moved with him. I myself and his patient, my wife indebted to him. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 ”

Kolli Rama Rao
Oncaligical issue Treatment

“Hello to all of you, my name is Yogeshwar Sahu, I am 32 years old. I am suffering from blood cancer and rectum cancer. When I came to know about blood cancer in the year 2019, I did not know what to do, because no one in my entire family had ever had cancer till date. With the support of my family and Dr. Padmaja Madam, I was undergoing treatment for blood cancer. In the year 2022, I came to know that I also have rectum cancer. Rectum cancer is treated in three stages, first radiation therapy, then surgery and then chemo therapy. My radiation therapy doctor was Dr. Vijay Anand Raddey sir who motivated me a lot. Then I was referred to Dr. Ajesh Raj Saxena for surgery. At that time I did not know anything about Dr. Ajesh Sir, then after meeting him I came to know that the doctor is very friendly. ”

Yogesh sahu
Blood Cancer